Web - Sunrise FamilyKeep Full and Call In are the two propane delivery options that we offer. The Keep Full option requires credit approval by us unless you participate in our Pre-Buy Pricing Program.

Call in Delivery Option

All customers are assigned a delivery route and a route delivery day that is based on their geographic location. We will not deliver propane to you until you request delivery. Delivery requests made after 3:00 P.M. of the day preceding your route delivery are subject to our schedule availability and special delivery charges. We recommend that you call us and request delivery when your tank reaches thirty percent (30%) capacity. You are responsible for monitoring your propane use and tracking the amount of propane available in your tank.

Keep Full Delivery Option

If you are approved for the Keep Full delivery option, we will deliver propane to you when we believe that delivery is appropriate. We will endeavor to keep your propane supply adequate, but make no representation that we will inspect your propane supply on a specific schedule. At the end of the day, you need to keep an eye on your tank’s propane levels, especially if you experience any significant increase or decrease in your propane usage. Customers in our Pre-Buy Pricing Program agree to accept Pre-Buy deliveries under the Keep Full delivery option.

Delivery Options are subject to and more fully described in our Standard Terms and Conditions.

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