Service Options

As shown in our promotional video, we have the flexibility to meet almost any needs based on a combination of tank leasing, credit, payment and delivery options that you choose.  The most cost effective option is a leased tank with the auto-fill delivery option and the auto-pay payment option and is available even to customers who do not qualify for credit.


Tank Leasing

Contrary to popular belief:

It's more economical to lease a tank than own a tank even though propane prices generally are higher for leased tanks! Listen to our video to learn more.
Our leased tank program is better than most competitor tank programs because our program includes complementary:

  • Tank Monitors. Check your tank levels with our smartphone app anywhere at any time! Most retailers don't even have tank monitors, and they typically are reserved for Auto-Fill customers.
  • Price Protection. Most retailers charge $50 to $100 for this service.

Credit Payment Options

We have three basic payment options:

  • Pay-at-Delivery. Customers must complete our credit application and are subject to credit check. Payments made using the Auto-Pay Payment Option or before delivery are eligible for discounts.
  • Pay-at-Order. Payment must be made before a delivery ticket is routed. Payments must be made by cash, credit or debit card. No checks or eChecks accepted.
  • Level-Pay. Customers make nine installments beginning in the summer. Budget payments include Price-Cap Protection and require the Auto-Pay Payment Option and Auto-Fill Delivery Option. Deliveries are limited to greater of 250 gallons or credit balance on account.

Payment Methods

Available payment methods:

We accept cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards and eChecks. Payments may be eligible for a Prompt-Pay discount as follows:

Credit OptionAuto-Fill ($0.04/g)Will-Call ($0.03/g)
Pay-at-DeliveryCredit Card, Debit Card, eCheck only (no cash or checks)Credit Card, Debit Card or eCheck. Cash or check in person at office at time of order.
Pay-at-OrderCredit Card or Debit Card (no eChecks, cash or checks)Credit Card or Debit Card. Cash in person at office at time of order.

Delivery Options

Our delivery options are:

  • Auto-Fill. We deliver propane to you when we believe it is appropriate using either a tank monitor, degree-day tracking system or other method. The Auto-Fill Delivery method is eligible for a $0.04/gallon discount off our Market Price at the time of delivery. Auto-Fills may be limited to specific dollar or gallon amounts for Cash Before Delivery or Budget customers.
  • Will-Call. We will not deliver propane to you until you request delivery. Will-Call deliveries placed on our website or using our smartphone app are eligible for a $0.03/gallon digital order discount. We recommend that you call us and request delivery when your tank reaches 30% capacity.

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