Is your propane supplier your favorite charity?


Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration and Caywood Propane Gas, Inc. records.  Prices reflect average price charged by propane retailers in the State of Michigan as reported weekly by the U.S. Energy Information Administration compared to the average price, after-discount, charged by Caywood Propane Gas, Inc.

Your giving away hundreds of dollars a year in savings unless you buy your propane from us.

Depending on whether you lease a tank from us and whether you pay by cash or check within 10 days of delivery, you saved between $400 and $850 during the most recent heating season compared to the prices paid by customers who use other retailers.  That’s a lot of money.

We know that it’s more than just the price that matters when you choose a propane supplier.  That’s why one of our recent blogs compares our service levels to the “big three.”  Here’s a summary:

Claim/Service Caywood Propane Big Corporate Guys
24/7 Emergency Service Yes Yes
Keep Full Service Yes Yes
Online Ordering Yes Yes
Online Payments Yes Yes
Pricing/Budget Options Yes Yes
Tank Leasing/Maintenance Yes Yes
Insurance Yes Yes
Safety Training Yes Yes
Really high prices NO! YES!
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